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Tools of the trade

ABC, easy as 1, 2, 3.

These tools were used by my father in law. Perhaps he was given them from his grandfather. My father in law was a great and kind man, Allan Pernebrink. In fact that great that me and my wife named our son after him. It felt natural. I made this series for the millennium calendar. That´s why MM, 2000. The tools are made as roman numbers from 1 to 12. Just like the months of the year. I take great happiness in taking care of his old tools and I use the frequently.I II III IV V VI VII VIIIIX - 2

X XI - B XII😊 Share if you care, thank you!

Thank you father!

Mamma och son i bil

My aunt Gertrud gave me my very first camera. A small Clic.


She encouraged me to take photographs whenever we met, so I have always thought that she alone started my way into photography. I lived with my family outside Gävle. She lived in Stockholm and was working in a small milk shop. But, my father also must have been important. I see that now. He didn´t have a lab and he never spoke about it, but he was a keen photographer. He wasn´t interested in printing. But he was in taking photographs.

These two are my favorites. Me and my mother and our family on a picnic. He died ten years ago and left us thousands of images. Some very old from his youth and time in the army. His biggest interest in life was vintage cars and motorcycles. There are many with that too. Unfortunately we don´t know who they all are, the people, on the photographs.

My father was happiest in his blue working overall spending most of his time in the garage with his old motorcycles. He had a great selection. I know we have many things in common, we are much alike. I am also very happy with my photography. It has become my way of living.

I remember staying over night in Stockholm at the time. My father and I was walking along a pavement and I was holding his hand. I was so taken by the atmosphere and the surroundings that I said, father I like to live here. He kindly laughed at me. Like parents do when their children say something funny or stupid. He answered, Is that so, no I don´t think so. Since many years I live in Stockholm. Not far from where Gertrud lived.

Thank you father. And you too, aunt Gertrud!

: ) Pelle