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More on “What is art”.


More interesting from BBC about photography and art. YES, photography is an art form! But like with all art, I don´t HAVE to like it. And when everything is art, nothing is….? Sometimes being a professional within a trade/media that is also used in creating art can be tricky, I must admit. Well, after all, I decide!



Everything or nothing


Just a walk in the rain.

Felt good this spring day. Rain, sun and cold. All at once.






Look what I found

I found this article about photography and images on BBC. Written by Phil Coomes, picture editor.

Many questions and not so many answers. Just like my blog. But thinking and contemplating about things is good, I think.


What is this thing called art?

So, what is this thing called art! Who decides it is worth millions, and can get away with it? Who says that art by others is more worth than yours and mine? And what IS it? As usual I have more questions than answers. Here comes a small, but interesting, language lession. In Swedish the word for art is konst. Could also be used in the context of difficulty. Art is most often expected to include some kind of difficulty or craft that is being mastered. In Swedish, if you say “det är väl ingen konst” ( in Swedish ) you are also saying “That isn´t too difficult”. In other words “that isn´t too difficult, I could probably do that”. And perhaps you could. Art is very much about thinking. When your idea is ready you get it out. Small or large. Interesting is that you sometimes get it out while you are thinking. Or without thinking. What feels right IS right. Torremolinos-3Art is a set of mind. In photography and painting you frame your work. You decide what to put inside your frame, and that is your piece of art. Whatever it is. And we humans like to frame things before we put it on our walls. Expensive, cheap or for free. TorremolinosThese images that I present here are just as much made by others. I saw the shapes and formes and they appeared to me. I framed them with my camera. At the top is the Mona Lisa of Torremolinos. Who did this version, and why? Who and when did they put this letter in the street? When ever they did, I am sure they didn´t thought about taking a photo from it years later. After years of wear and tear. But I did. Torremolinos-9This is street photography, just from the street. The beauty of imperfection… Torremolinos-8Who decides what art is? You and I do! What hangs in the big galleries is something others has decided. But we exhibit there sometimes too. If it is more art than ours? Good question! Are art critics always right? Don´t think so. But after all they are only humans. Torremolinos-7

A tag, someones signature. Could that be someone elses art?

All images found and framed by me in Torremolinos, Spain 2015. Thank you for helping out! Whoever you are and when ever you did.

My childhood

These were my toys when I was a child. Remember? Spending lots of time in the woods with my friends. However I played with Dinky Toys also. And Matchbox. Being a boy brought up in the 50´s it was only natural, and my father owned a garage. It is a great feeling still having my old toys. Once a child I think we are always children. One way or another. But perhaps not as much as we should be.




How did sound become music?

Sax 3 org

Violin 2001 !!! org



There has always been sound. Some sound attracted humans more and differently. “Who” was the first to combine different sounds? When did someone start to repeat sound? Thought they had a good rhythm going. Has humans always reacted to sound foot tapping and dancing? It all started many days from now and it is easy to get lost in thoughts of who and when. How did it look like and where was it?

Just enjoying my LP´s on a rainy day.

😊 Pelle

The images from one of my calendar projects.