About Pelle and Znapshot Studio

I am a professional photographer. Very much a food photographer, working with the Swedish Culinary Teams. Among other nice and inspiring clients. Until today I have photographed 15 cook books. Many awarded.ย  I live and work in Stockholm, Sweden. As often as possible I do my own images of various themes and I really enjoy exhibiting.

Znapshot Studio was established in 1983 while I was studying at Beckmans School of art and advertising.

What images tell is very interesting, and how they do it.

I am the lucky winner of Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in category “Best Cookbook Photography 2016”, and also “Best of The Best from The Gourmand Awards 25 years” in 2021. Also in the Best Cookbook Photography category.

Being a photographer is the best and most inspiring job I can think of ever having, and I have really given that a good thought.

In this blog I will share what is on my photographic mind. Thatยดs not only photography as you will see.

5 thoughts on “About Pelle and Znapshot Studio”

  1. I made this comment to a friend of mine, and he suggested (strongly) that I share it with you! “There is a video with scallops that just made my stomach growl and my mouth water .. oh heavens they looked good.”

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