I don’t get it, but now I have to

A watergun with a peacemessage.
A watergun with a peacemessage.

OK! It happened again. This is how it is. Again. I realise that now. Perhaps I did it before, but this time it is so obvious. I just read “2HelpfulGuys”, and it was just what I needed to be reminded of. A blogg about being positive, again, and solve problems. To find solutions. It is exactly what I have to do to get through this very moment. So, I think solutions also find you if you are open to them. They are probably just inunder your nose. Relax, it will be OK. Later, or perhaps sooner.

Often, it is more trouble to find out how easy it is. I think.

Thanks guys!, again. And have a nice weekend!

😊. Regards Pelle

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