The 2015 calendar has just arrived from the printers

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The 2015 calendar has just arrived. The very first was produced in 1998. This is a long and wonderful cooperation with Peter Schäublin in Switzerland. We met when I was attending a workshop with Sinar Cameras many years ago, and we have become the very best friends. Every year I send my images to Peter and he will do the graphic design and see to that everything is printed in Switzerland by our production team. Every year there is a new theme. Flowers, toys, tools, spoons, cutlery, gloves and musical instruments are just a few that has given us inspiration. For the 2015 calendar we have chosen some images from one of the cookbooks that I have recently photographed. “Mitt matrike” / “My Culinary Kingdom” by KC Wallberg. The recipes will soon be found on my homepage. The book was released last year and was awarded a price in the competition for Best of Swedish Food Literature 2013. Årets Bästa Svenska Måltidslitteratur 2013.

The motivation read:

Cookbooks with a connection to restaurants.
KC Wallberg
Title: Mitt matrike / My Culinary Kingdom. Also released in English.
Publisher: A Piece of Soul Production
Photo: Per Erik Berglund / Znapshot AB
Design: Urban Gyllström
This thinking chef has produced a book, with more knowledge and thought than 10 food/chef competitions. An original and telling book to read for pleasure, or for learning.

Now you know a little more about the story behind this long tradition of calendars. Just wondering what idea we will come up with for next year? You can see a selection of images from earlier calendars on my homepage.

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “The 2015 calendar has just arrived from the printers”

  1. I just came to think of the image for September and October. Pumpin soup. Made on the stage while KC Wallberg and I held a workshop for Canon about food photography. Teamwork is important, and good music. : ) Pelle


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