Picture this

Eiffel Tower in Paris
Should I stay or should I go? Eiffel Tower in Paris. My version at that time.

What is a photograph? How come we are so fascinated by it? These questions come to me over and over again. With the camera we record something three dimensional on some kind of media. Then it comes out in two dimensions. Color or black and white. A black and white version of a reality in color is often a very strong image. When we take the colors away we focus more strongly on the subject in the picture. But, of course it would be all to easy if it were always like that. The moment we press the shutter the picture is part of history, and that part of time will never come back again. Is it perhaps that? We have recorded something that is unique in time. It will never happen again. Sometimes we adjust it. Change contrast, colors or saturation and it becomes more interesting. A good composition helps. But not always. Always is never. Pictures often become more interesting as time goes. They help us to remember. But as they are not always a true document of a person or place they will not help us to remember the truth. But, what is truth anyway? Sorry to confuse you, but I am just so fascinated by it. Please share some thoughts with me if you like. I am sure I will come back to the subject in the future. The future that tends to become past very soon. Often. No, always that is.

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower in Paris. This is my camera version of reality.

2 thoughts on “Picture this”

  1. Well said! Not only are you good with photos you are also good with words. I love capturing “the moment” with a camera. (I was going to say “on film.”) but realised that would make me sound rather old. I often use photography to express how I feel, and to evoke emotions. On my blog I have focused mainly on the beauty of where we live and sharing that with family and friends who can’t be here. However, I have recently broken an ankle that has left me playing more with photos and the camera, rather than just recording. We so often have different versions of the truth, depending on perspective and perception. I’m playing with art, creativity, beauty. My truths – this is who I am, this is what I do.

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    1. Hi BB,

      Thank you for your comments and kind words. Photography is indeed a media to be used in as many ways as there are people. Get well soon and I will be thrilled to follow your own blog and reading about your recovery.

      😊 Pelle


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