How did sound become music?

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There has always been sound. Some sound attracted humans more and differently. “Who” was the first to combine different sounds? When did someone start to repeat sound? Thought they had a good rhythm going. Has humans always reacted to sound foot tapping and dancing? It all started many days from now and it is easy to get lost in thoughts of who and when. How did it look like and where was it?

Just enjoying my LP´s on a rainy day.

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The images from one of my calendar projects.

8 thoughts on “How did sound become music?”

  1. I had actually thought about this question when I was considering learning music as an adult. Why is music limited to just those keys ? Why is it only half note and note 3/4 note, or 0.85 note? So I wondered who started making sound into discrete notes. But because my interests are diverse, I never seriously got into the history of music.

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    1. And when was it first put on paper, or whatever? I never got further than one year with accordion because my father loved the instrument. I did not. I am listening to music every day, but I don´t know much about notes or how it “works”. But I got a trombone from my cousin on a birthday once. He is a professional trombone player at the Opera in Stockholm. It is a beauty, but it stays in its case.

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      1. I begin to like the accordian, especially how it adds to the background of film. Why didn’t you like it more?

        Trombone? I love it. Glenn Miller….why don’t you learn it?

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      2. I remember sitting on my bed really trying, but I didn’t get one hand to play the melody and the other the base. I did not have that in me. And the trombone, I really agree about Glenn Miller. I frequently used to visit a restaurang with the name and the music. But I continue to be a listener. And I do listen, all day long in my studio. 😊🎷📷 The camera became my way of being creative.

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  2. So who put the bomp
    In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp
    Who put the ram
    In the rama lama ding dong

    Who put the bop
    In the bop shoo bop shoo bop
    Who put the dip
    In the dip da dip da dip

    Who was that man, I’d like to shake his hand

    Questionably lyrics by Barry Mann


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