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My Photographic Alphabet, pt.3

The third day and final letters in my photographic alphabet, The Stockholm version 2015. It will take some time before i stop thinking about letters when I take my walks in the city. But another time and another place, and I will do it again. No, it was not made in order from A to Z, if you ever wondered. I gave myself the artistic freedom not to.

R_DSC1253 S_DSC1238

R was the trickiest to find. But when you do this exercise for some time you get a skilled eye. This is the only R, while I have many of the other letters. Some more favorites than others.

T_DSC1010 U_DSC1228

Yes, it is me. Like Hitchcock or Jacques Tati…

V_DSC0941 W_DSC1021

X_DSC0953 Y_DSC1141

I have found the letters all over the city. Building sites are useful. Letters are everywhere, just start looking.

😊   Pelle


My photographic alphabet, pt. 2

Now when my alphabet is finished, I can´t stop looking at details. Everywhere I see letters. Some are obvious, others more obscure. It certainly keeps my mind and fantasy going. My photographers mind. If I do it again the fonts will not be the same.

J_DSC1250 K_DSC1100L_DSC0925M_DSC1263N_DSC1160O_DSC1157P_DSC1252Q_DSC1001

I will present the final letters tomorrow.

😊   Pelle