A life for you?

Are you like me? Living a city life with TV, radio, internet, smartphone etc. Look at this! This is about another life, in another part of the world. Close to nature, very close.

A life for me? No! I admire Slava, but no. Thank you. Just looking at the beautiful photographs is fine.

Slava Korotki is a meteorologist who lives in Khodovarikha, northern Russia, on an Arctic outpost that’s an hour away by helicopter from the nearest town. Photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva grew up in the Arctic, and happened upon Slava living in the past. She spent three weeks shooting him as he worked, rowed his homemade boat and built matchstick houses in an Arctic timewarp



1500-1 1500-2 1500-3 1500 3000😊 Pelle

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