Täby Galopp 2015-11-18

The day I started blogging I had NO idea where it would take me. Now I know better and I am surprised. One thing I had no idea of was my interest in horse racing, or galopp in Swedish. It started this summer at Jägersro in Malmö. Now I take every opportunity to photograph. On the track or in a stable. It sharpens my sense and my eye for a new world. I discover details that I have lived most of my life not thinking about. It is good exercise for a photographer.

The competition is hard and everybody would like to win. However I experience there is a great friendship among the jockeys. Except for the finish of a race. Then the shouting and screaming is intense. The images should be accompanied by sound to get more into the racing atmosphere. I´ll see what I can do about that.

The weather is changing towards winter and yesterdays first races were held in fog. It is cold and damp. This selection of images includes more humor and smiles than usually. Enjoy!

😊  Pelle

4 thoughts on “Täby Galopp 2015-11-18”

      1. Indeed, they seem to switch positions from time to time (0961 is what I was referring to, just to make sure). 🙂 Horses are so fast to switch positions and direction that it is indeed fun, and challenging, to shoot them!

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