Photographer of the year 2015?

No, it is not me. Would be nice to announce that, but no. I still love what i do.

Here are the most incredible images that agency photographers sent to our picture desk this year. Our picture desk in The Guardian, that is. The year has not ended yet, but it is very close and I don´t expect many surprises.


Ifansasti is an Indonesian photographer for Getty, and has stood out this year with his coverage of the volcanic eruptions, peat fires and the Rohingya refugee crisis in the region, in addition to his features. It is his image at the top.

Here is one of his feature images.


Mohammed Abed: The parkour acrobats is one of my favorite pictures, because those guys try to find the life through the death and through the destroyed houses



David Ramos: I am a fervent fan of new ways of visual storytelling.


These are my own small selection. Use the link to see more talented photographers and amazing photographs.

The overall winner will be announced on 21 December

😊  Pelle

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