A hole in a fence. Åsgårdstrand, Norway.

Human (t)race

Shadows on the old school.

Going places is fun and my vision sharpens. I notice small details different from home. The light might be different. I recently wrote about my visit to Horten, Norway. I made some own photographs too. I wasn´t just looking at others.

Garage wall.

What I notice is this. My own photographs often include traces from other people. Wear and tear, here and there. Sometimes decline. Like this small series for instance. All found in Horten during my short, early morning walks.

Hmm, what was it? A door I think.

In the early morning, or in the evening, the light is most often more interesting. I set myself in the mood for photographing and I look at the world close to me more intense. But, it is really photographing that puts me in a mood. In the morning my senses are more alert.

Once it was a door here.

I photograph what other people has left or made unknowing that it could be a nice image. I look at the world in shapes, forms, shadows, and I frame it.

Dried leaves in a back yard.

I walk the streets, and I look into backyards. My eyes go up and down. I search for patterns, colors, shadows, shapes. Images to be registered with my camera.

Notice board.

What messages were posted on this notice board in Åsgårdstrand? By who and why? Åsgårdstrand is the place where Edvard Munch lived. Here history becomes present.

I read on a pillow in a shop window. “Today is a gift. That is why they call it the the present”.

Manhole cover.

Looking down I noticed also the manhole covers looked different from at home. Did Edvard step on this…?

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