A long and dear cooperation

2017. Used gloves. I found them on the streets mostly.

It started in 1998. I had met Peter Schäublin at a Sinar workshop in Schaffhaussen, Switzerland. At the time he worked at the company as head of prints, brochures etc. We became friends and started to share ideas. We came up with the idea of a calendar and made the first one in 1998, together with the local Swiss printer Stamm. We kept it up until 2019, with only two years that we missed. Time and economics change so it is no more. It was a dear challenge to me to come up with new ideas for images every year. The very first images were produced with my Dicomed Digital 4×5″ scanner camera.

Peter, a very talented photographer and graphic designer, developed a design that complimented my images. Over the years it became more and more playful.

Here is a small selection of images. I used flowers, toys, food, used gloves, vegetables, old tools, ice, instruments, spoons, watches etc. for props. It is all very much “Pelle Style”.

If you would like to see more images from our cooperation , have a look at my homepage: https://www.znapshot.se/kalendrar-2002-2019

I really love being a photographer!

😊 Pelle

1998, Iris. Early digital images with My Dicomed.
2009. Vegetables on steel.
2004. Water guns with peaceful messages.
2011. Ice. Inspired by Irving Penn.
2014. Old Swiss watches.
2005. Flowers.
2015. Food from the cookbock with chef KC Wallberg. ” My Culinary Kingdom”.
2007. Still life with fruit and vegetables.
2019. Old tools with herbs and spices.
2003. Old cutlery.
An early selection. 1999 was not a calendar together with Peter.

4 thoughts on “A long and dear cooperation”

  1. My dear friend

    What a wonderful variety of pictures. You are such a great photographer! Hard to say which one is my favorite. Do you have any ideas for a 2022 calendar? I think it would be hard to go for food, because we had some, or horses, because Stamm thinks it is too specific ;-). Please let me know about your thougts.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Best Peter



    1. Hello my friend,

      So good to hear from you. I hope all is well with you. It is with us. I had my first vaccin last monday. The second shot should come in about two months.

      Another calendar? I would love to! I admit I thought the days of calendars was over. I will be happy to give it a thought.

      I came home from Urö yesterday. Went there in sun on thuesday and drove home yesterday in snow and rain.

      Have a great weekend you too and I hope to put my creativity in high gear.

      😊🌞😊 Pelle


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