Photography is healing


There Is this saying. “A picture tells  a  thousand words”. It does n’ t always do that, but sometimes. And when it does it is magical. Photographic images are documentation, memories, art and much much more. Different to all people. It is serious, but also great fun. Photography is also healing. To do, and to look at. When I saw “Broken Light” here on Word Press I was stunned and became an immediate  follower. Seeing how important photography is as an expression of peoples minds, moods etc. is just wonderful. This is nothing new to me, being a photographer by the profession and for life, but every time I see it this way I am overwhelmed. Isn’t it wonderful to read the light people has written with a camera. Often it is quicker than reading a thousand words. But sometimes it takes longer than that, and it can last forever. Go see and read!

The photographs here I have made myself.

Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss.

I made these photographs in the Louvre, Paris.

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Thank you father!

Mamma och son i bil

My aunt Gertrud gave me my very first camera. A small Clic.


She encouraged me to take photographs whenever we met, so I have always thought that she alone started my way into photography. I lived with my family outside Gävle. She lived in Stockholm and was working in a small milk shop. But, my father also must have been important. I see that now. He didn´t have a lab and he never spoke about it, but he was a keen photographer. He wasn´t interested in printing. But he was in taking photographs.

These two are my favorites. Me and my mother and our family on a picnic. He died ten years ago and left us thousands of images. Some very old from his youth and time in the army. His biggest interest in life was vintage cars and motorcycles. There are many with that too. Unfortunately we don´t know who they all are, the people, on the photographs.

My father was happiest in his blue working overall spending most of his time in the garage with his old motorcycles. He had a great selection. I know we have many things in common, we are much alike. I am also very happy with my photography. It has become my way of living.

I remember staying over night in Stockholm at the time. My father and I was walking along a pavement and I was holding his hand. I was so taken by the atmosphere and the surroundings that I said, father I like to live here. He kindly laughed at me. Like parents do when their children say something funny or stupid. He answered, Is that so, no I don´t think so. Since many years I live in Stockholm. Not far from where Gertrud lived.

Thank you father. And you too, aunt Gertrud!

: ) Pelle


Pictures, pictures, pictures

Imagine this. Like, in a movie theater lights go down. You sit yourself comfortably concentrating on the movie. No commercial break! Vibrant colors, still images washing over you. Large screen. Good sound.

There it is.  A slideshow.

Adding images changes things. Like, you have one. You have one, only. Two makes a pair. Three a series, and perhaps the start of an exhibition. Adding more could be a film, a video. In between it could be a slideshow. Though there are not many slides these days many still call it slideshow. I have always loved them. Now it´s digital images edited on a computer. But, that is not a big deal, where the pictures come from. This is about pictures working together telling a story. Still images that starts to move, and if all goes well, they will move you too. Just wishing the screen could be bigger more often.

Here´s the story about this slideshow. I was asked to photograph for an album cover. Studios has always fascinated me. All kinds. Music and film, whatever. The atmosphere was vibrating, all musicians preparing, concentrating for the recording. Like athletes before the start. All sitting in different rooms.  The sound engineer making final adjustments. I just had to do more with the images than selecting a few for the cover.

I like the finished product also, the music and the cover, but I just loved to be in on the journey to get there.

I am so happy today´s assignment on WordPress brought me back to images and inspiration. This is what I would like my blog to be about. Behind the scenes. How they are made, and thoughts about making them. But technical, not much.

: ) Pelle


Oooops, I made it again

image   image

So, I went to work also with todays assignment. Adding 5 topics and following 5 blogs. Since I am new to this, theese blogs are the first that I will follow. I am overwhelmed from all talented and creative people here. They all just have to get it out. IT being so much. So many different things. The topics that I selected are: Art, Life, Thoughts, Photography and Personal. Very intresting!

I keep thinking about my title. Closer now but, not final. I think.

😊 Pelle

Good thinking, but there is more thinking to do

image image

Todays assignment on WordPress blogging101. Edit your title and your tagline. I have made some adjustments, but I still have a lot more thinking to do. My tags will be changing and I wouldn’t be surprised if my title will to.

So, how was it my company got named Znapshot? I was studying advertising at Beckmans School. The most inspirational and best school I have ever attended! It was more like an art school. I found a studio and decided to start my own company. Before studying at Beckmans I had been a photographers assistant. A strong trend at the time was to spell with a z instead of an s. I liked that! I just didn’t like to name my company Studio xxx, or Photographer xxx. Too many other photographers did. Most of it is history today. That was over 30 years ago.

Todays images are from my exhibition in Karlstad last summer. Old hand written recipies from the family archive.

Who am I, and why am I here blogging


A good and existential question.

My name is Pelle ( Per Erik ) Berglund and I am a professional photographer since many years.  The best job I still can think of.  I am one of those lucky guys that live of my greatest intrest in life.  Lucky me! I would like to share my images, my experience and my thoughts with you. Perhaps you are a working photograper, just like me, or you would like to be one. Perhaps you are a person who are working with photographers or you like photography. An Art Director perhaps?  This will not be a blogg about technical tips. Not many anyway. This will be about my work and everything that goes with it. My thoughts and inspirations. Today I am very much a food photographer working with the Swedish Culinary Teams. Seniors and Juniors. Also the Swedish Pastry Team.  I have photographed 11 cook books until today, and it is OK to get hungry now and then.



What´s luck got to do with it?

9409 2011   9534   9566   9675

My all time favorite photographers are Steichen, Avedon, Penn and Watson. Edward Steichen was once asked how important luck is to a photographer. He answered: Of course it is important. However, have you noticed that it is always the same photographers that are lucky. A good analyze I think.

Irving Penn inspired me to do the above images. I was thinking of his frozen vegetables for many years. Then I made this series for one of my calendars. More colorful than his images, but still look at the first image. The frozen berries. You get the picture. My homage to Irving Penn, you might say.

: ) Pelle

What Gregory Heisler told me

35 24 17_20 13

Today is the final day of the year. New Years Evening. A day to look forward, but also to remember days that has passed. Some make promises, but many are soon to be forgotten. Social media is overflowing with quotes from famous people that make us think about ourselves, friends and our universe. I´d like to share some important words that was told to me many years ago. I remember them well, and I try to live by them every day.

When I handed my very first task to my teacher in photography school, Caldick Lundblad, he asked: Is this the best you can do? I replied that it wasn´t, but I could show better next time. Why?, he asked me. If you know you can do better, so could most certainly also your clients. Never cheat or take shortcuts! Always do your best! And I have tried ever since.

My first job after photography school in Solna was at a hospital, SÖS, as medical photographer. My boss and mentor Margit told me: I know you are young and that you will make mistakes. Please learn by them and only make them once. A wonderful thing to hear for me and that made it all so much easier documenting operations etc.

Finally, this is from Gregory Heisler. I was, together with a large audience, attending a seminar with him at Javitz Center in New York. He said: You can ask me anything. Technical or what ever. I have no secrets. You see, you can´t do my images anyway. And you should not. Always do your own thing. And I have never forgotten that.

Now I would like to recommend an exhibition that will be open for a few more days. My friend Åke Sandström is exhibiting at Galleri Axel, Södermannagatan 16 in Stockholm. The exhibition will be open until the 6th of January. I understand that it will be a finisage at the 8/1. Go and see!!! Here are Åke´s own words about the exhibition.

Bilder borde inte förklaras, namnsättas eller tydliggöras. Kanske skall vi se vad vi ser och känna vad vi känner.
Bilder i kommunikativa sammanhang behöver, eller skall, ha en bildtext eller rubrik som tillsammans skapar ett syfte. De här bilderna skall bara kännas. Det är syftet.

Jag bestämde mig för att bli fotograf redan i 6-årsåldern och då fick jag också min första kamera. Intresset för bilden – både den fotografiska bilden och andra bilder – har alltid funnits. Stillbilden som utelämnar både före, under och efter älskar jag särskilt, därför att så mycket lämnas åt betraktaren.

Jag har sedan 60-talet arbetat som professionell fotograf med mode, reklam och inredning. Det är många år och väldigt mycket bilder. Under åren har jag alltid gjort mina egna projekt och bilder, som många gånger fått stå tillbaka för uppdragen. Nu har jag fått mer tid för mitt eget. Yrkesbilderna på ena väggen kommer från mina ”bra-lådor” och den äldsta är från 1965!

Åke Sandström, hösten 2014

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a fine 2015!


I made the  images at the top for the 2014 calendar.

The 2015 calendar has just arrived from the printers

Front1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 8-9 11-12 end

The 2015 calendar has just arrived. The very first was produced in 1998. This is a long and wonderful cooperation with Peter Schäublin in Switzerland. We met when I was attending a workshop with Sinar Cameras many years ago, and we have become the very best friends. Every year I send my images to Peter and he will do the graphic design and see to that everything is printed in Switzerland by our production team. Every year there is a new theme. Flowers, toys, tools, spoons, cutlery, gloves and musical instruments are just a few that has given us inspiration. For the 2015 calendar we have chosen some images from one of the cookbooks that I have recently photographed. “Mitt matrike” / “My Culinary Kingdom” by KC Wallberg. The recipes will soon be found on my homepage. The book was released last year and was awarded a price in the competition for Best of Swedish Food Literature 2013. Årets Bästa Svenska Måltidslitteratur 2013.

The motivation read:

Cookbooks with a connection to restaurants.
KC Wallberg
Title: Mitt matrike / My Culinary Kingdom. Also released in English.
Publisher: A Piece of Soul Production
Photo: Per Erik Berglund / Znapshot AB
Design: Urban Gyllström
This thinking chef has produced a book, with more knowledge and thought than 10 food/chef competitions. An original and telling book to read for pleasure, or for learning.

Now you know a little more about the story behind this long tradition of calendars. Just wondering what idea we will come up with for next year? You can see a selection of images from earlier calendars on my homepage.

Happy New Year!


Solokvist är trist

gsr Malmköping7851    gsr Malmköping7813   gsr Malmköping7840

Vi fotografer är oftast ensavargar. Ofta, men inte alltid. Några delar studio och får gemenskap på det viset, medan jag och många med mig arbetar ensamma. Idag också oftast utan assistenter. Men att träffa kollegor och utbyta erfarenheter och umgås är viktigt. GSR är just en sådan förening där vi reklamfotografer har möjlighet att ses och ha trevligt tillsammans. Gruppen Svenska Reklamfotografer. Igår hade vi vårt årliga julbad med efterföljande middag tillsammans hos Janne och Uffe på Frog Studios. Julbadet är en av våra starka traditioner. Kräftkalaset efter sommaren samlar också alltid många medlemmar. Så här står det på vår hemsida,, om hur det hela startade.

GSR, Gruppen Svenska Reklamfotografer, bildades 1966 av bl.a. Arne Nilsson, Heinz von Sterneck, Stig Grip, Stig Andersson och Ulf Cronberg. Tanken var att utveckla fotografernas företag kommersiellt och att träffas regelbundet för kreativ inspiration. Prissättning, utbildning och gemensamma inköp var viktiga frågor som man började driva. Under den tid då frågan om fotografernas leveransvillkor var högt prioriterad, arbetade GSR tillsammans med SFF, Svenska Fotografers Förbund, för att lösa dessa frågor. Banden mellan GSR-SFF har alltid varit starka och de flesta medlemmarna har dubbla medlemskap.

Listan på årsmötesgäster är lång och imponerande: Rickard Avedon, Olivieri Toscani, Anton Corbijn, Teun Hocks, Dennis Savini & Irene Ruefenacht, Nadav Kander, Andreas Heumann, Derek Seaward, Hans Neleman, Knut Bry, John Parker, Georg Oddner, Dag Thorenfeldt, David Hamilton, Sven Nykvist, Pierre Winter, och många, många fler. Irvin Penn, Hans Strand och Hans Hammarsköld har besökt föreningen på lokala möten. ( Sedan den här texten skrevs har listan blivit längre )
Föreningen har nu funnits i snart 50 år, och mycket har hänt i och med branschen under dessa år, men GSR fortsätter att vara ett viktigt forum för yrkesfotografer där man kan utbyta erfarenheter, inspireras och lära.

Vi är inte lika många medlemmar längre men föreningen spelar fortfarande en mycket viktig roll. I andra länder är sammanhållning bland kollegor inte lika vanligt och vi har ofta hört av våra gäster och besökare att det är unikt med den öppna gemenskap som vi har. Vi fortsätter att gå på utställningar, utbilda och informera oss i den anda som föreningen alltid stått för. Sedan många år är jag ordförande och är väldigt stolt över föreningen och mina kollegor och vänner.

Gruppbilderna ovan har Christer Vallstrand tagit på senaste årsmötet i Mars i Malmköping då vi hälsade På Hans Gedda. Christer är så klurig så att han är också med på bilderna.

Hälsningar Pelle

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