My calendar projects.

Over the years I have made many calendars together with my dear friend Peter Schäublin in Switzerland. A wonderful friendship that started when I attended a seminar at Sinar Cameras in Schaffhaussen. Working with view cameras, tilts and shifts etc. We met in a corridor and started talking. We still do, now as close friends for many years. Peter is a very talented photographer and also a great graphic designer. For these calendars we will come up with an idea, a theme. I do the photographs and Peter will do the rest. With the help of Stamm printers I will then receive the result by courier close to Christmas.

This selection was made with gloves of different kinds I found in a hardware store.

Fotograf Per-Erik Berglund  Znapshot AB Tel. 46-8-654 38 88

It all started in 1998 when I sent Peter some flower images digitally photographed. Made with a scanner back attached to my Sinar 4×5″ camera. The calendars are made as PR and can not be bought. Today we have many friends and clients that are eagerly waiting for the next edition. Always keeping a space free for it. It is large in size. It is not the calendar you put in your wallet. It measured 50×70 cm for 2015.

Fotograf Per-Erik Berglund  Znapshot AB Tel. 46-8-654 38 88

With the internet this is easy to do though we are far away from each other in miles. Peter is never further away than a call or a mail. Though he himself travel the world on photographic projects. The challenge every year to come up with a new idea is something we really are looking forward to. It took us until last year to do images with watches. For some reasons we didn´t start with the obvious. Switzerland is THE watch country in the world. We had other themes to cover. And there are still so many more to do.

Fotograf Per-Erik Berglund  Znapshot AB Tel. 46-8-654 38 88 www.znapshot.seThemes that has been covered over the years are flowers, my grandfathers old tools, watches, water guns, spoons, old toys, musical instruments, cutlery, frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables, dish brushes etc. etc. And gloves. We have great fun doing this every year as you can understand.

Arbetshandskar mot grönt kopia

Gul handske på rött kopia

Prickig handske på lila kopia

V Röd handske mot gult 2 kopiaFinally, below, this is a small selection from how we started. For the 2015 edition we used images from a cookbook that I photographed last year. Chefs name KC Wallberg.

Kalendrar😊 Share if you care, thank you.

Oooops! I published before I was finished. This is the final version.

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