Timestopping device

This is an interesting article about female photographers, known and unknown to most of us.

Written by William Boyd. His new novel, Sweet Caress, is published on 27 August. Article from The Guardian.

“William Boyd’s new novel, Sweet Caress, is published on 27 August” http://gu.com/p/4bjn3/sbl

“The integrity and the quality of the unique image are what makes photography different, what makes it work. A meaningless blur of incremental profusion is not artful. These exemplary female photographers and their work remind us precisely why photography is an art.”

“With a camera, what you had in your hands was a stop-time device: press the release button and you had a moment frozen forever. None of the other arts could do this and certainly not with such astonishing detail – all you needed was the wonderful machine, and the relentless march of time was halted.”

“These women and their lives and times seem like ancient history in an age where anyone with a mobile phone now has their camera constantly with them. In 2014 we took one trillion photos; 30bn of which were selfies. It’s worth reminding ourselves – in the context of this monstrous exponential profusion of images that we live with – that all the great photographs these women took were shot on film (or plate), developed and printed. Somehow the pre-digital image has greater value and sincerity. Recovering and recognising anew the work of these photographers reminds us of the true nature of the art-form and its unique ability to seize the moment and stop time. Billions on billions of moments seized doesn’t seem like “stopping time” any more.”

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