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Our share of dyslexia

This is something totally different from what I have written about here on my blog earlier.

Our son ( sun šŸ˜Š ) has dyslexia. A teacher noted that he had some problems reading and writing and he made tests for it. This was many years ago now. The tests confirmed that he had dyslexia. Good, the challenge was confirmed. He got all the different data programs the school had to help him, but he never liked to use them. He struggled on but he just wanted to be like the others that didnĀ“t have dyslexia. It was possible for him to have more time for his examinations, and to go to a special room and sit together with others with the same challenge. That he used. As much as possible we try to help. Sometimes we read and record texts that he has to work on so he can listen instead of reading. I remember that he has never had any trouble making himself understood and he has always been the wordbook in his classes. Always good at words and their meanings. Good to express himself and to argue. I came to think of all this when I found this article by


My wife and I have never considered this a problem. We have always called it a challenge, and a challenge it is. But as it is so well written in the article there are ways to come around it and people with dyslexia always come up with solutions. Now our son studies in another country but there are ways to help through the internet. A friend of ours remembered that at the time their daughter studied abroad it did cost a fortune to make a phone call. Now it doesnĀ“t and we are very happy about that.

He will not be a architect, but I am sure that he will find his way in life.

Writing this I had my own difficulties of finding the words, spelling right and pull it all together.

Paris hotel
Paris hotel
Perpignan, France
Door knob, Perpignan, France

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