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Fake or not fake. Do you see the difference? Take the test!

These days fake is a common word. Many people present alternative facts and want us to beleive in their truth. This is a very interesting test I noticed in the Washington Post. Read the article and do the test. I have. The research was done in England.

So amid this fakery and our obsession these days with “fake news,” just how good are we at separating fact from fiction when it comes to photos?

Not good at all, says Sophie J. Nightingale, who researches cognitive psychology at the University of Warwick in England.

However, a personal thought. If something is added on a picture, or removed, is very difficult to see and understand. The image of the person at the top of the article is easy. Don´t you agree?

Anyway, we need to be aware and look out for this.  By the way, I had 4. But it could easily have been zero.

Pelle   😉

Old Town, Stockholm

The other day I went to Old Town here in Stockholm. Already filled with lots of tourists. A great place to be. Many cafés and restaurants. Galleries and shops. I went there to test a favorite lens. A TS 45 mm. I like the way I can handle it. Like how I work with my Sinar view  camera. Though it is so much smaller and comfortable to bring a SLR on a walk. This is how my images looks like. 😊 If you get a chance, visit our Old Town! You don´t have to walk among all the tourist shops. There are small adventures on every narrow side street. Perhaps you, as I did, just can stumble upon a small concert in a church.










Best of the rejected

I can only laugh. The other day I gave my own images a second chance. Now I find these images that are rejected from a juried art show, but good enough to get a second chance. In another exhibition.

This is something I often wonder about exhibitions. How does the other images look like, the ones not chosen. Would i like them more? On the other hand it is a different thing altogether to see an exhibition that makes you upset or angry. It gets you going and sometimes that is much more creative. I think. In so many competitions, second best is often best.

Portrait Salon describes itself as a salon des refuses – an exhibition of works rejected from a juried art show. Founded by Carole Evans and James O Jenkins in 2011 it aims to showcase the best of the rejected images from the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, which is organized annually by the National Portrait Gallery (NPG), in London.

This portrait of Frank Carter is by London-based Phil Sharp.

I found this in BBC, of course.

😊 Pelle

Our share of dyslexia

This is something totally different from what I have written about here on my blog earlier.

Our son ( sun 😊 ) has dyslexia. A teacher noted that he had some problems reading and writing and he made tests for it. This was many years ago now. The tests confirmed that he had dyslexia. Good, the challenge was confirmed. He got all the different data programs the school had to help him, but he never liked to use them. He struggled on but he just wanted to be like the others that didn´t have dyslexia. It was possible for him to have more time for his examinations, and to go to a special room and sit together with others with the same challenge. That he used. As much as possible we try to help. Sometimes we read and record texts that he has to work on so he can listen instead of reading. I remember that he has never had any trouble making himself understood and he has always been the wordbook in his classes. Always good at words and their meanings. Good to express himself and to argue. I came to think of all this when I found this article by

My wife and I have never considered this a problem. We have always called it a challenge, and a challenge it is. But as it is so well written in the article there are ways to come around it and people with dyslexia always come up with solutions. Now our son studies in another country but there are ways to help through the internet. A friend of ours remembered that at the time their daughter studied abroad it did cost a fortune to make a phone call. Now it doesn´t and we are very happy about that.

He will not be a architect, but I am sure that he will find his way in life.

Writing this I had my own difficulties of finding the words, spelling right and pull it all together.

Paris hotel
Paris hotel
Perpignan, France
Door knob, Perpignan, France

😊 Pelle

Me and The Marx Brothers

Yesterday was “another day at the races” . At Täby Galopp. It is just as fun and it is not until afterwards that I see what I have managed to catch. I know what I am looking for, but that is about it. There is never any guarantee that I get it. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don´t. That is also the charm, the excitement of it. It is colorful and it is fast.

Very fast!

IMG_2563IMG_2177IMG_2216This is when there should be sound to the images.

The hooves against the track, jockeys shouting, and the horses heavy breathing.

It is called dirt track, no doubt.


IMG_1864 kopiaThere are lots of beautiful details.

The jockeys and the horses are a team. But the horses are not any ordinary engine.

PP, power personality.

IMG_1733 IMG_1744 IMG_2019And the jockeys. The drivers to tame all that power and speed that the horses are capable of.

Like me, sometimes they win and sometimes they loose. The big small men.

IMG_2489 IMG_2095And sometimes the jockeys has to try some of the tricks in the book.

No time for the horses to take a look at the beautiful surroundings.

IMG_2085Very Swedish!

😊  Pelle


IMG_5749When I grew up horsepower came on wheels. Two or four, but very seldom on legs. We lived in the country but my father had a garage and motors were his big interest. Overshadowing most everything and life long. Most of my family have the same interest, but I kind of fell down another tree, or how the saying goes.

TestIMG_6148Horses are beautiful with a force and power that is tremendous. Perhaps there are similarities in racing horses or other horsepowers. You have to take care of the power, treat it well, to make it work for you. It is an amazing team work. Horses are personalities and they could, like us, have a bad day. Things I understand but don´t know so much about since I havn´t come close to them. Until now that is.

TestIMG_5846Yesterday was another great day at Täby Galopp, the racetrack in Stockholm.

TestIMG_6235 TestIMG_6076The way I have chosen to photograph horses is a great gamble. But it is nothing that I can bet on. Not until afterwards do I see if I managed to catch the moment. A moment that I often does not really know existed. But it appears very clear to me when I see all the exposures what I like. As most always with photography it takes just as much time in post as taking the photographs. To come up with a selection is time consuming. This is a small selection from yesterday.

TestIMG_5907 TestIMG_6350😊🏇🏼  Pelle

Testing! One, two, three

I am not much interested in writing about technique, but this time I will. But I will keep it short! Yesterday at the races I tested an interesting lens. Canon zoom f100-400, 4,5-5,6. But as I guess that you noted you couldn´t tell if it was sharp or not in those images. Well, this isn´t much better since these images are 72 dpi and small. But anyway, Hemingway… The type of image is totally different.

Test_MG_0935 Test_MG_0934Todays use are all handheld with IS at no 1. Yesterday I didn´t use Image Stabilsation, IS, at all.

I just went on a small walk close to our summerhouse since I think testcharts are SO boring. Useful of course but boring. I will happily let other people photograph those.

Test_MG_0946 Test_MG_0936I am not a birdwatcher but there they were. And I came so close. The camera is a EOS 1D Mk lV, so f 400 is really f 520. The close range i suberb! I like it very much and I think that if you are looking for this focal range this is a very good buy.

Test_MG_0978Test_MG_0950Test_MG_0903😊  Pelle