Manchester, 1967 (Credit: Shirley Baker Estate)

Shirley Baker, photographer

This is another article on BBC about a great photographer, unknown to me. Shirley Baker. Read the article and learn more about her and her beautiful, and important, images. In my opinion BBC use great photography by great photographers and they also tell us stories about known and unknown photographers. There are so many out there, male and female, doing ( or did ) a great job. This timestopping device, the camera, is very special in the right hands with the right eye.

“She described the streets, to me, as like her second home,” says Anna Douglas, curator of Women, Children and Loitering Men and a friend of Baker’s. “She knew she wasn’t of these people, but yet she felt phenomenally at ease with them. This is not the kind of imagery you would get from a press photographer, because Shirley spent years there. She wasn’t in a rush, and they weren’t in a rush.”

Baker’s photography is the result of years of investment in and engagement with her subjects – some of whom were so familiar with her presence, they seem not to see her at all.

😊  Pelle

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