On a photographers mind

Yes, this really is on my mind. How do you look upon yourself? During a recent all day portrait photography session I was reminded of this. Again. The picture you see of yourself in a mirror and the Image from a camera are NOT the same to us. Like when you hear a recording of your voice. It is not the way you hear it. What I am getting at is this. For some this image I, as a photographer, am trying to create is important, and for some not so much. Some see nothing but their faults and some does not care. They don´t see it that way. Interesting, don´t you think? Not that, absolutely NOT that, perhaps I can live with that, they say. Others go, your choice. It is OK with me, that´s how I look.

I have been photographing portraits for this agency for some time and I have arranged so that there is always time to talk to everyone that is to be photographed. We got time to re shoot, and re shoot again. We talk and agree upon images that are OK and that they agree upon to be used. How does the light fall upon them? What side is best? If there is such a thing? I always try to explain when this is complicated for a person what I see. Most often I don´t see it the way they do. But I do understand and respect them.  It has happened that they bring a friend to help choose an image, and that is great. A person who they trust and listen to. Great idea! For me this is an exciting and interesting job. We have a long list of persons to be photographed so we don´t have “all day” for a portrait, but talking and listening makes a great difference. As with everything else in life. We are using a small studio in the agency and we have to use a backdrop. White or black. That is not adding to personality. Persons are put in the center of attention as, perhaps, never before. The spotlight is on them and they stand in the very center. The camera notice everything. On the outside that is. Scary! The camera and image is powerful.

Nowadays we don´t go to the studio photographer for portraits as before. My family did this. One image of me was put in the shopping window of the studio, and we got a print for thanks. I still got it here in the studio with me. A bit faded. You can see it at the top.

I wish I could name the photographer of my portrait, but I am sorry I can´t. No information was added to the print, and unfortunately I don´t remember.

😊  Pelle

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