Not nobody

Perhaps you have seen this photographer before? The webb is huge. If you have not I´d like to introduce him to you. Jim Radcliffe. He calls himself a nobody with a camera, but that is all too modest. I think. He has many cameras, but most of us have. What we do with them is the important thing. And that comes from your eyes and your imagination. This text is taken from his homepage:

I have no specific photographic interest.  I photograph any and everything.  I am always looking for something to photograph, from a macro to a seascape to a starscape.  I love color. I love black & white.  I have used a DSLR, a rangefinder and mirrorless cameras.  I shoot for my own enjoyment and share my photography here because photography is meant to be shared. What good is any photograph unless others have the opportunity to see it?

Jim has a personal style. Colorful even if it is in b/w. Visit his page through this link. A very talented person with a style that I like. I like to share his fine images with you. Because sharing is what it is all about, as Jim says. Jim covers a great width of subjects. What ever comes in front of his camera, he manages to do something very good with.

😊  Pelle

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