Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hi all bloggers and readers. I just received a message from WordPress that I have been blogging for a year. One year! That is a long time. A friend of mine suggested that I should start writing down my thoughts and I owe him many thanks. Thank you Martin Ö. I like blogging. Thinking and to reflect upon life and things.

So what happened? I have written about my own images and my all new interest in horse racing. Among other things. That I did not see coming. With this profession and interest it is easy to examine a new personal interest in images. I have been reading much more on the internet about photographers and their images. I did not expect that, but I like it and I like to recommend you to see and read about many of the talented photographers around. Old and young. Some well known, and others all new to me.

By the way, my personal favorites are Penn, Avedon, Watson, Mappelthorpe, Cartier-Bresson and Steichen. To name a few. All so called classics.

More personal: I am having difficulties in listening to guides at galleries or museums. The language they use and what they say sounds odd to me. If that could perhaps be the word. But OK, it is interesting listening to someone trying to explain a photographers/artists creative view and work. The explaining is also creative, but often it sounds like too much baloney to me.

I really love my profession, and I think you can see that.

Some statistics. I have managed to get  68 followers, made over 120 posts ( including this one ) and got over 500 likes. I like that! Some of you are giving me likes frequently and I am very happy for that. Thank you! I have had 4.950 views and the best ever was on November 13th 2015, 273. The internet is huge and the bloggers are many.

My first post was in Swedish, but after that I write in English. Good exercise and all my friends and colleagues in Sweden reads English. No problem.

What now? Do I have a  New Year promise? Not really, but I like to continue to challenge myself. With my blog, my thoughts and my photography.

Finally I like to share an image and new info with you. This image, photographed in New York in 1982 through the binoculars at observation deck, World Trade Center. It has been selected by Duncan Miller Gallery in Santa Monica, USA, to be included in their Your Daily Photograph. ( Photo made with a Minox 35GT, if you are interested. ) However not sold, yet…

ESB through binucular at WTC_72

Yes, I am happy! About that too.

I wish you all A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! With blogging, taking pictures or whatever you like to do. Do it more!

😊  Pelle

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