Grown up childhood

Not so strange that I like these photographs by Kim Leuenberger. After all I have photographed my own toys many times during the years. But never like this.

“I do it for the fun, mostly, because I love travelling, plunging into another world and playing creatively with my camera. I think the style of the cars I choose reminds us of a beautiful past and have a positive nostalgic feel to them.

“I’m not trying to make believe these cars are real, I’m just trying to make people smile, enjoy another type of voyage and open their mind to adventure.”

I agree, and promise to show my own images soon. This article was also found on There are more great photographs in the article. YES, photography is serious business, but also great fun.

_85464984_anirishpuddle-malahide,ireland _85466575_lavenderdelivery-hitchin _85468088_ballonsupinthesky😊 Pelle

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