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vintage photo mystery

Amazingly beautiful images, but who made them? I hope we will find out. Read the full story with the link to BBC below.

A US photographer has launched an internet hunt to find two mysterious women pictured on an old roll of film she discovered in a second-hand shop.

Meagan Abell was sifting through a box of vintage photographs in Richmond, Virginia when she found four sets of “transparency slides”.

She took them home to scan them and was “shocked” at the level of detail.

“I thought ‘holy wow they are beautiful’. I’d love to find the women or the photographer who took them.”


What happened to Amanda?

When photographers and objects meet things can happend that will leave traces. For very long. When Mary Ellen Mark met Amanda they formed a relation that still talks to us. Mary with her photography and Amanda with her expression, attitude. Here is the story about what happaned to Amanda. She is still thinking about the moments for the photographs and her contact with the photographer. The interesting article from npr.


Here is also a link from The Guardian about more of Mary Ellen Marks famous photographs. Of course the one with Amanda is included.


People are everything!

😊  Pelle

Tools of the trade

ABC, easy as 1, 2, 3.

These tools were used by my father in law. Perhaps he was given them from his grandfather. My father in law was a great and kind man, Allan Pernebrink. In fact that great that me and my wife named our son after him. It felt natural. I made this series for the millennium calendar. That´s why MM, 2000. The tools are made as roman numbers from 1 to 12. Just like the months of the year. I take great happiness in taking care of his old tools and I use the frequently.I II III IV V VI VII VIIIIX - 2

X XI - B XII😊 Share if you care, thank you!

My childhood

These were my toys when I was a child. Remember? Spending lots of time in the woods with my friends. However I played with Dinky Toys also. And Matchbox. Being a boy brought up in the 50´s it was only natural, and my father owned a garage. It is a great feeling still having my old toys. Once a child I think we are always children. One way or another. But perhaps not as much as we should be.