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Travel Photographer of the Year

Travel Photographer of the Year: What was the best? – BBC News


Stunning photography from some of the planet’s remotest locations.
I can only agree. 😊  Pelle
More amazing photographs if you follow the link.
About the featured image: North of Svalbard in the Arctic – Joshua Holko/www.tpoty.com
So what would life be without photographers and photography? Boring don´t you think?

The impact of photography.

I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it:
Ten steps to improve your photography
Lecturer Grant Scott offers advice on how to use your interests to produce better pictures.

” Every decision you make in your life from what you wear, what you eat, how you vote, how you decorate your home, where you visit, what you listen to, what you watch and what you believe are influenced by professional photography and professional photographers. They don’t just shoot weddings.”

Ten steps to improve your photography

Inspiration, transpiration

1BEarly in photography school my teacher got very upset over one of my friends that hadn´t done his homework. He said he didn´t have the inspiration. My teacher, Calldick Lundblad, said “how are you going to get food on the table and be paying the rent if you will always sit around waiting for inspiration”? Good question!

4AIn the blogging world there are so many people sharing ideas and inspiration to get a better life. I think that is marvellous. The world really has a chance to be a better place with all the improvement. But it all comes down to us. We have to have a will, inspiration and we have to work to get there, to do it. It all start with yourself. You are in the center of your own life and it is you who is in charge. Not so easy all the time, really. Don´t think I am not aware of that.

11BWhat my photography teacher told me, and I live by it still, is to get into it. To start. Along the way you will build the inspiration, together with the transpiration. For every step that is getting you closer to the goal it feels better and better. The inspiration builds up. It is hard work but rewarding. Perhaps you can inspire others. The best of it all.

5BYour beliefs can move mountains. War is over if you want.

10B 12B

This series of images was created for an exhibition in a food education center.

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A good friend of mine, Rebecka Dahlén,  was running a photo gallery. During the openings cigarette butts was filling the street outside, and she didn´t like it. I understand why. So, together with a friend she came up with this idea of Don Dobbin.

“a small, fireproof and non smelling disposable pouch for cigarette stubs that can be placed directly into a pocket or into the waste bin.”

I think the idea is great and I wish they could find money for the production. The product is universal and would make a big difference for our environment. Read more on her homepage about the product that really can make a difference. And, if you can come up with an idea to start the production, or to find funds for it, I will be happy to pass the idea, or contact, along. 


The cigarette industry is crazy, just look at these packages that I have photographed.  Who came up with this brilliant idea to the “Peace”package?

Pelles poster !!! Peace!_72

Pelles poster !!! Double happiness_72

Pelles poster !!! Gorbatchow_72

I remember something funny I read a long time ago. “An ashtray is something a smoker use if the room doesn´t have a floor…”. Perhaps not so funny after all.

The featured image is one I made for an exhibition at the gallery raising attention to the butt problem.

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