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Travel Photographer of the Year

Travel Photographer of the Year: What was the best? – BBC News


Stunning photography from some of the planet’s remotest locations.
I can only agree. 😊  Pelle
More amazing photographs if you follow the link.
About the featured image: North of Svalbard in the Arctic – Joshua Holko/www.tpoty.com
So what would life be without photographers and photography? Boring don´t you think?

A different view

More from BBC. IR images can make a great difference. See for yourself. A way of creating a different view. The photographers name is Terry Gold. And her photographes shine!


See more on her homepage:   http://www.terrigoldworldimagery.com/

😊  Pelle

Where to draw the line?

Another interesting article about photography, from BBC. About the line not to cross in photojournalism. I have spent several days with colleagues at the Visa pour l’Image Perpignan, France. An international press photo festival. The discussions are very interesting. They as photo journalists have totally different standards for their jobs. Me, on the other hand, being a food and commercial photographer, I am most often expected to do images “better”. We have the same tools but different standards to follow. Stories about staged photos makes you think. We should all do that. Sometimes it is OK, but sometimes absolutely NOT. History will tell…


Please read and think. Of course this is a problem when it comes to photo contests.

😊  Pelle

What happened to Amanda?

When photographers and objects meet things can happend that will leave traces. For very long. When Mary Ellen Mark met Amanda they formed a relation that still talks to us. Mary with her photography and Amanda with her expression, attitude. Here is the story about what happaned to Amanda. She is still thinking about the moments for the photographs and her contact with the photographer. The interesting article from npr.


Here is also a link from The Guardian about more of Mary Ellen Marks famous photographs. Of course the one with Amanda is included.


People are everything!

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Well, is it?

To me there is no question, but, not all photographs are art. So what is and what isn´t? It is up to you, and me of course. These are 2 articles from The Guardian about the subject. What would you be prepared to pay for that you couldn´t do yourself?




Torremolinos-2This is a photograph of a painting. What is art and what isn´t? Can both be, and at the same time? You tell me.

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Salt of The Earth

This is the name of a film about photographer Sebastião Salgado. I saw it yesterday and I really like to recommend it to you all. No light movie entertainment but a moving story about his life and photography. Always traveling the world documenting areas where not many people like to go. Unless you absolutely have to. Like Doctors without borders. This is real life and it is shocking to see how terrible circumstances are for too many people in our world.

Sebastião Salgado is one of the most widely-respected of contemporary photojournalists. His in-depth bodies of work document the lives of people the world over, finding beauty, strength and hope even in those in the bleakest of circumstances.

These are some links that will take you to his images and more information about him.



If you get a chance, go see the movie and send a contribution to Doctors without borders. I will do that right now.

I understand that the movie will be presented after the summer.

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The gun was loaded’: photographers on the shots that changed their lives

New York
New York

This article is from The Guardian where you can find lots of interesting articles about photography.

“Some photos change the photographers life”. Not only the viewers.


ESB through binucular at WTC

These 3 images changed my life years later with 9/11, when WTC was a target for a terror attack. These 2 images above were taken from the observation deck at World Trade Center. The one closest through the binoculars there. All with a small 35 mm Minox GT.

😊 Pelle

Paul Biddle, a true artist!

582012111746226_Rose-Tinted-Spectacles-Portrait200_267_267201253956970_Librarian-through-the-keyhole I would like to present a good friend of mine. A true artist with a language of his very own. His name is Paul Biddle. For those of you who has seen my images it is not difficult to see why I think Paul is such a master of his trade. This is how he explains his work and inspiration.

My inspiration and influences range from Renaissance art to Dadaism and Surrealism, from Picasso to the flotsam and jetsam that I pick up on my walks by the sea near my home. Having experimented with a wide variety of media during my time at art school, I found that photography was the thing that most excited me. The immediacy and rather hazy line that can be created between reality and the feeling of being not quite sure what is happening is what I find appealing. I really believe in understanding the technique so that the image shines through.

207201210438219_Nose-IslandSome pictures are simple and complete inside my head from the beginning, but most of my images start with the inspiration of the objects themselves. It may be something found in a junk shop, washed up on the beach or something from my past, such as wooden letters from a childhood game or my palette from art school days. I am mostly drawn to old stuff with a bit of patina and an air of decay – I love the textures and variations in the colors. Also objects from the Natural World are a great inspiration to me.


200_252_257201293340669_Tinned-Asparagus-2 200_257_26720125404423_Paris-Collars

257201273916807_Jug-Woman-2This is about his background and how he looks upon his work.

I originally wanted to be a painter but I was terrible at drawing and luckily whilst I was at art school I was taught the basics of black and white photography. So photography did the drawing for me and I have never looked back.

257201293137889_Autumn-2 My passion is for making images. Photography is the medium I work with.
I have two main ways of creating an image:
 An idea pops into my head and I make a drawing in my ridiculous child-like style.
I then try to find the objects, people or backgrounds or I build and paint a set.
Once it is constructed in my studio I look and look at it and decide on composition and lighting. I like to let the arrangement sit for a couple of days – it’s almost as if the objects enjoy their playful juxtapositions.
 The way I work is by assembling some objects or themes that fascinate me at the time.  I then deliberately try not to be specific or to choose meanings to portray.  I call this time my ‘playtime’: it’s a time I need to be alone with the image, and it’s the time when things begin to happen quite unconsciously. At this stage I like to work quietly with no interruptions, I make the composition, then use a spot of light to shape the forms into an image. Then follows endless deliberation and honing of the picture, I like to pare it down to it’s essentials and suddenly the dynamic is there and the image sits well as if it has always existed.

I am all smiles when I see Paul images. For joy, happiness and admiration for his ideas. His mind. This is a link to his homepage where you can find much more. It is easy to get lost in all his wonderful images. A true soul mate! Go there and allow yourself to get lost.


I often come back to the question, what is art? To me, this is it! The real thing! Playful but also unexpected and provocative. Thank you Paul for all the inspiration!


225_179_26720122482448_The-Creator-of-Sparks 200_267_257201293239435_Love-2


The past thing with photography

I made these photographs some years ago, as you can see. Not knowing, or even dreaming, what was going to happen to the world. This is a series photographed with a small Minox 35mm camera, big as a cigarette box. Nothing special today, but back then it was. The series is all about Empire State Building. Seen from various positions in New York.

New York
New York. View from observation deck World Trade Center.

You can see that these projects, themes, that I am working on is not something new. Concentrating on a theme I try to see things from as many different views as I can.

ESB through binucular at WTC
Empire State Building. View through binoculars at observation deck World Trade Center.

Just as you press the button it becomes a thing of the past. Sometimes more than you can imagine.

Empire State Building at the top
Empire State Building. The top.
There is only one color image in the series.
Imacon Color Scanner
On the way to the airport.

I have not visited NY for many years. It would be great to go there again and to work on a new series.

Empire State Building in limousine
Empire State Building seen in limousine window.
New York, Manhattan
New York, Manhattan. Empire State Building.

This picture of Empire State Building is special. It was made leaning my camera against my shoe. Not knowing precisely what I was aiming at. This is one out of 5 exposures. People passing were looking at me wondering what I was doing.

Manhattan, New York,
Manhattan, New York. World Trade Center.

Share if you care, thank you!

😊  Pelle


Today I stopped and picked up the black glove that I have been seeing in Sveavägan for many days. I finally did it. It has been run over by thousands of cars during rain and shine. A woman walking her dog was looking very suspiciously at me. 😉 Other gloves are coming in from friends. I will let you know how it all develops.

From earlier series of gloves
From earlier series of gloves

No, the black glove is not included in this blog.

😊  Pelle