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Saddle up!

And they did! We were all happy to be back on track today again. And everybody enjoyed the good weather. Not only horses and jockeys but photographers and audience too. Horse racing might be an all year sport but bläh! for long underwear, gloves and heavy shoes. Colors are also back in the sport. I enjoyed this very much, I hope you do too.

🌞  Pelle

A kingdom for a horse…


















Long time, no horse race

It´s been some time since I visited a horse race. However, yesterday I went back to Täby Galopp. The track is old and it will soon be closed down and replaced by a new one. At Bro. A place also just outside Stockholm, but in another direction from Täby. It will be interesting to see how the races will develop there. Täby is like Venedig. Beautiful in its decline. Lots of patina that attract us photographers.

A rest for eyes and mind was healthy. Time to refocus and find new details and ways to capture my images. But of course I recognize all the events. I get good exercise since I am not always standing at the goal waiting for a winner. That is what many of my friends and colleagues have to do. It is their job to catch the winner. And after that the winning horse, jockey and owner.  Instead I can concentrate on investigating other parts of the race with all preparations and other post race activities.

Here is a selection from yesterday, enjoy! 😊  Pelle














I wish

This new year, 2016, what are we going to do with it? Are you among those who makes promises? Are you good at it? I don´t do promises for a new year any more. If I decide to do something I do it as quick as possible.          ( That doesn´t always mean immediately. 😉 ) No need to wait for a special year. That might just take too long to get it done. A man has got to do what a man has got to do… So, what do I wish for the new year? Same as you I guess. Without trying to win a Mr. World competition, peace on earth. Wouldn´t that be nice? Don´t ask what the world can do for you. Ask what you can do to/for the world. I think that if we all do the small things to us and our friends, and the people we meet, that will make a big difference. Small and big goes well together here.

OK, promise!?

A good day for me starts on my short walk to my studio. ( Breakfast reading today´s news is also fine ). If I meet a friend to say hello to, or If I can smile to a parent whose child is jumping in a puddle. That is a good omen for the new day.

Of course I will challenge myself with some now projects and images again this year. Can I arrange an exhibition with a selection from my horse racing images, or my working gloves? That would be great. And I am open to surprises. Things that I didn´t expect. This year will include an extra day at the end of February. Be sure to use it well!

The first blog of the year will include some images from the archipelago. And some new horse racing images from last Sunday. It is suddenly a white winter up here in the north.


Let us unlock!
Don´t chain my heart
Memory of summer

By the way, have you seen and read some of all the articles about the best of 2015? Amazing images and engaging stories.

😊  Pelle




Photographer of the year 2015?

No, it is not me. Would be nice to announce that, but no. I still love what i do.

Here are the most incredible images that agency photographers sent to our picture desk this year. Our picture desk in The Guardian, that is. The year has not ended yet, but it is very close and I don´t expect many surprises.


Ifansasti is an Indonesian photographer for Getty, and has stood out this year with his coverage of the volcanic eruptions, peat fires and the Rohingya refugee crisis in the region, in addition to his features. It is his image at the top.

Here is one of his feature images.


Mohammed Abed: The parkour acrobats is one of my favorite pictures, because those guys try to find the life through the death and through the destroyed houses



David Ramos: I am a fervent fan of new ways of visual storytelling.


These are my own small selection. Use the link to see more talented photographers and amazing photographs.

The overall winner will be announced on 21 December

😊  Pelle

It is not just about the race

Yesterday I went to a race again. I have missed a few, but that is good for me. To rest my eye. It is difficult to get variation, not always doing the same thing.

There are so many things around a race that gets my eye, and my attraction. The friendship among the jockeys is nice to see, before they saddle up for a tough race. And they also stretch, though you don´t see that so often.

It was a grey and windy day and there are less spectators now compared to summer. Of course. But there are always enthusiasts. Some of them are photographers…

Täby Galopp 2015-11-18

The day I started blogging I had NO idea where it would take me. Now I know better and I am surprised. One thing I had no idea of was my interest in horse racing, or galopp in Swedish. It started this summer at Jägersro in Malmö. Now I take every opportunity to photograph. On the track or in a stable. It sharpens my sense and my eye for a new world. I discover details that I have lived most of my life not thinking about. It is good exercise for a photographer.

The competition is hard and everybody would like to win. However I experience there is a great friendship among the jockeys. Except for the finish of a race. Then the shouting and screaming is intense. The images should be accompanied by sound to get more into the racing atmosphere. I´ll see what I can do about that.

The weather is changing towards winter and yesterdays first races were held in fog. It is cold and damp. This selection of images includes more humor and smiles than usually. Enjoy!

😊  Pelle

Am I right?

In my growing interest for horses and horse racing I visited a stable today. Stall Malmborg with owner Caroline.  Since I don´t know horses I don´t know what angle the ears should be for a horse in harmony. So I am taking myself a lot of liberties here, and I will continue to do so. I am my own employer, and I set my own standard. So this is my personal selection for today.

Tomorrow there will be races again and a a new challenge to do something different.

😊 Pelle

It is getting colder and darker

It is getting colder and darker, yes. And up here in Sweden we are slowly going into winter. However, the brave jockeys are still working hard. Yesterdays race was in the evening. Although just at 6 it is dark outside. Very dark.

The racetrack where I go is close to Stockholm, and it is called Täby Galopp. Täby is the name of the place. But it is soon no more. The field will be turned into apartments and there will be a new racetrack with another address. The place has a lot of history and it is a bit sad, but the new track looks very promising with stables etc. I think that the jockeys and the horse owners will be pleased. But it is further away from the city. And for a photographer who likes patina, well. Not yet.

I have learned that horse racing is also a winter sport. I am looking forward to that challenge and I will dress warm. I hope to visit a stable during next week and see what they are up to with some new and promising horses. Stall Malmborg.

Yesterday was a challenge for photographers. The light at the trace comes in various colors and the darkness put the ISO at the top. Here is my selection.

© Per Erik Berglund_Znapshot _MG_9021© Per Erik Berglund_Znapshot _MG_9731© Per Erik Berglund_Znapshot _MG_8388© Per Erik Berglund_Znapshot _MG_9227© Per Erik Berglund_Znapshot _MG_8554© Per Erik Berglund_Znapshot _MG_9396© Per Erik Berglund_Znapshot _MG_9502© Per Erik Berglund_Znapshot _MG_8501© Per Erik Berglund_Znapshot _MG_9756😊  Pelle

Again and again and now again

I went to the track today again. I am having trouble staying away. I meet so many talented and nice photographers every time, and I learn so much that I never knew before. Or even thought about. It is exciting, never the same. But it is getting colder. For horses, jockeys and the audience. This morning it was 0 degrees and there were frost also in the city. Brrrr! I wonder how the jockeys keep warm during the races? Some were not even using gloves. I have heard that this is also a winter sport. Brrr, again! The jockeys are so short and small but oh SO strong. You see them more standing than sitting during a race, and often almost without rest they change clothes/colors and horse and they are off again. Supermen AND women!

If I remember right the next race is an evening race. Colder and darker, much darker. It will be all lights around the track. A real challange for photographers at maximum ISO. Today I have also recorded sound. Hope to use it with some images soon.

© Per Erik Berglund_MG_7475 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_7518 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_7536 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_7576 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_7621 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_7684 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_7805 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_7815 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_7892 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_8039 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_8062 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_8107 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_8115 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_8166 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_8175 © Per Erik Berglund_MG_8302😊  Pelle