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Could be…

Perhaps there will be a calender for the year of 2017. My friend Peter Schäublin, of Schaffhaussen, Switzerland and I have produced one every year since 1998. Missing only two years. Peter is an exceptional graphic designer, and a photographer himself. These are the first outlines.

Images from my “Used gloves collection”.

What do you think?

Handske till kalender-1

Handske till kalender 2-2

After the rain

Just a few pictures from after the rain. We, and the nature, needed the rain. The thunder  came very close. It is always so peaceful after a rain ,so I went out for a short walk. And I brought my camera along.

😀 Pelle

I just opened the door, and there it was.










Compared to the wonderful and important images I wrote about yesterday by Nick Brandt, these are just nonsense. But, they had to be made, I think. They are from Diani Beach, Mombasa and from last week. I am not so much for sunbathing so I rather keep to the shadows. Going on my own short walks exploring the surroundings. Looking up, but mostly down 😉













Waiting for the sun

I miss the sun and the warmth of the rays. It is OK with some winter, but this is too long. We are just at the very beginning of February and there are more winter to come. So I dream myself away to a vacation in Egypt, a resort. Not the pyramids. That would have been exciting. I´d like to share these images with you from warmer days in a warmer country. Of course it is not the ordinary vacation pictures. I have some of those too, but I hardly never look at them. They are just spending time in the dark on my hard drive. I just don´t know what to do with them.

😊  Pelle



Come rain or shine, the sunflower is a beautiful flower whatever weather or state. I was lucky to be back in the garden yesterday and got some time to photograph more flowers waiting for my clients/models. Just as beautiful from the “other” side.IMG_0886 IMG_0899 IMG_0904 IMG_0910 IMG_0920 IMG_0930 IMG_0932😊  Pelle