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Another day at the horse races

I continue to see how I can develop my images from horse races. As often as I can I am at the track nearby. Some wednesdays there are lunch races and that suits me perfect. So today is wednesday and I was there. Not only, very seldom in fact, I stand at the finish line. Instead I try to find other angles and places. The first two are my personal favorites. Which one do you like best?

_MG_6281_MG_6282_MG_5715 _MG_5822 _MG_6298

_MG_6089 _MG_6208 _MG_6143 _MG_6472 _MG_6092 😊  Pelle


Come rain or shine, the sunflower is a beautiful flower whatever weather or state. I was lucky to be back in the garden yesterday and got some time to photograph more flowers waiting for my clients/models. Just as beautiful from the “other” side.IMG_0886 IMG_0899 IMG_0904 IMG_0910 IMG_0920 IMG_0930 IMG_0932😊  Pelle

Happy or sad?

There are photographs for everyone. If you are happy or sad, or if you like to be. This is a selection from The Guardian showing “The weekend in pictures.”

They will make you sad, happy, interested, shocked, or anythin else that photography always brings out in us. They will tell us the state of the world. At large, or in small. Near or far.

Featured image:

A butterfly perches on a boy’s face at a butterfly exhibition. Photograph: China Stringer Network/Reuters

😊 Pelle

Long time no see

Friends, I hope you don´t expect me to publish a new blog every day. I can´t come up with that many ideas and I think you would think that was just too boring. I am happy to say that my absence  has been because I have been busy with work. Something that is not too common among photographers these days. I am very pleased about that. Today I publish 3 images I made last Friday. We, a client and me, were reconoitering for a job on Monday. ( Hope that is the right word. I had to look it up. 😊😊 ) It was on a garden centre and it was heaven for me. Beautiful flowers, fresh and dated. I made these images very quickly but I could have stayed for much longer just to enjoy the surrounding. Lots of tools, wheelbarrows and much more that got my eyes, and cameras, attention. I hope to find more when we get there tomorrow to produce the images for the client.

IMG_0879IMG_0881 IMG_0880 Did I say that I got the best job there is? For me that is, anyway. 😊 Pelle


I said I would show you some of my own toys that I have photographed. This is a small selection. I am so happy that my parents didn´t throw them away so that I could play with them again. Now infront of the camera as a grown up. Well, to the size that is…

Dinky Toys, Corgy Toys, I had them and I still have for the sheer joy of it. I have a big selection of cowboys and indians that I look through from time to time. Not so common in the toy stores today? Transformers, dinosaurers and Star War figures are more common I think. Sometimes I handpaint them to more realistic colors. Depending on what I should do with them.

32 33 P18 - 1Volvo P18, but not “The Saint” color. That was white. My brother has worked on the No 1 P18. That is the very first that came out of the factory. It has now found its way back to Sweden from The US..

Pelles Poster liggande PolisbilA typical Swedish police car at the time.

11Up: This is called “Absolut Pelle”. I guess you can see why.

12 13 14Up: I played with our sons feeding bottles. They are filled with food for grown ups and toys.

18 1931Up: I borrowed this Bobby in a police car from my cousin Lars.

😊 Pelle


Grown up childhood

Not so strange that I like these photographs by Kim Leuenberger. After all I have photographed my own toys many times during the years. But never like this.

“I do it for the fun, mostly, because I love travelling, plunging into another world and playing creatively with my camera. I think the style of the cars I choose reminds us of a beautiful past and have a positive nostalgic feel to them.

“I’m not trying to make believe these cars are real, I’m just trying to make people smile, enjoy another type of voyage and open their mind to adventure.”

I agree, and promise to show my own images soon. This article was also found on There are more great photographs in the article. YES, photography is serious business, but also great fun.

_85464984_anirishpuddle-malahide,ireland _85466575_lavenderdelivery-hitchin _85468088_ballonsupinthesky😊 Pelle

I can´t imagine

-what life would be without photography and photographs. Showing good or bad, beauty or ugliness. It is for joy and for the more important things in life. Well, joy is one of them.

Another visit to BBC. Thank you Jurek for showing me first.

Mario Macilau spoke to Outlook on the BBC World Service. You can listen to the programme on iPlayer or get the Outlook podcast. Production by William Kremer.

_85350687_10macilau© Photo by Mario Macilau

😊  Pelle

Every picture tells a story

Today the well known German magazine Bild is without pictures. To show the importance of images. Brush up your German and read. It is interesting stuff. This direct from Bild. Erst wenn man die Bilder nicht sehe, begreife man ihre Magie…

Here in English from The Guardian.

A picture tells more than a thousand words. OK, not always, but sometimes it does. And how would media work without it? it helps put the finger on difficult matters. Still many magazines sack photographers thinking that the cameras are doing the job these days. But you have to have a brain and eyes too! That is not built into the electronics.

So today, no pictures. You get the picture?

Work in progress

To all of you out there, followers, visitors, readers and more, THANK YOU! You are my inspiration. I was recommended by a friend to start blogging. I didn´t know really what it was and I only had a vague idea. Until you try you no nothing, so I tried. It is something I really enjoy, and the contact with you inspire me. I read more articles about photography and photographers and I see what you do. As much as possible I try to visit your blogs to see what you are up to. What really strikes me is all that positive energy you have. Sharing all your tips and ideas for a better day, life. If we just could collect it and spread it over the world everything would be better.

As with everything else, it starts with ourselves. Let´s spread the word and the positive energy, and let´s hope it is infectious.

Some weeks ago Rechito wrote “You make the normal look beautiful!” Thank you!!! I am still feeding on that.

And now for some more images. This is work in progress. Hope to produce an exhibition in a not to far away future.

Glove 7Glove 9Untitled 4Glove😊  Pelle

Shirley Baker, photographer

This is another article on BBC about a great photographer, unknown to me. Shirley Baker. Read the article and learn more about her and her beautiful, and important, images. In my opinion BBC use great photography by great photographers and they also tell us stories about known and unknown photographers. There are so many out there, male and female, doing ( or did ) a great job. This timestopping device, the camera, is very special in the right hands with the right eye.

“She described the streets, to me, as like her second home,” says Anna Douglas, curator of Women, Children and Loitering Men and a friend of Baker’s. “She knew she wasn’t of these people, but yet she felt phenomenally at ease with them. This is not the kind of imagery you would get from a press photographer, because Shirley spent years there. She wasn’t in a rush, and they weren’t in a rush.”

Baker’s photography is the result of years of investment in and engagement with her subjects – some of whom were so familiar with her presence, they seem not to see her at all.

😊  Pelle