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Waiting for the sun

I miss the sun and the warmth of the rays. It is OK with some winter, but this is too long. We are just at the very beginning of February and there are more winter to come. So I dream myself away to a vacation in Egypt, a resort. Not the pyramids. That would have been exciting. I´d like to share these images with you from warmer days in a warmer country. Of course it is not the ordinary vacation pictures. I have some of those too, but I hardly never look at them. They are just spending time in the dark on my hard drive. I just don´t know what to do with them.

😊  Pelle


Stockholm dressed in ice and snow

Stockholm is built on many islands and water. This is what the boats and quays look like now. From todays short walk at Skeppsholmen. It is -7 C and the fingers are freezing.

I wish

This new year, 2016, what are we going to do with it? Are you among those who makes promises? Are you good at it? I don´t do promises for a new year any more. If I decide to do something I do it as quick as possible.          ( That doesn´t always mean immediately. 😉 ) No need to wait for a special year. That might just take too long to get it done. A man has got to do what a man has got to do… So, what do I wish for the new year? Same as you I guess. Without trying to win a Mr. World competition, peace on earth. Wouldn´t that be nice? Don´t ask what the world can do for you. Ask what you can do to/for the world. I think that if we all do the small things to us and our friends, and the people we meet, that will make a big difference. Small and big goes well together here.

OK, promise!?

A good day for me starts on my short walk to my studio. ( Breakfast reading today´s news is also fine ). If I meet a friend to say hello to, or If I can smile to a parent whose child is jumping in a puddle. That is a good omen for the new day.

Of course I will challenge myself with some now projects and images again this year. Can I arrange an exhibition with a selection from my horse racing images, or my working gloves? That would be great. And I am open to surprises. Things that I didn´t expect. This year will include an extra day at the end of February. Be sure to use it well!

The first blog of the year will include some images from the archipelago. And some new horse racing images from last Sunday. It is suddenly a white winter up here in the north.


Let us unlock!
Don´t chain my heart
Memory of summer

By the way, have you seen and read some of all the articles about the best of 2015? Amazing images and engaging stories.

😊  Pelle




In vacation mood

I went to Copenhagen for a few days and put my eyes in vacation mood. My eyes went up and down, and all around. That is usually how I do to see the surroundings. Mostly I looked down. Mostly, but not always. On the ground were large plates of thick iron for us pedestrians to walk on over ground work here and there. They all had, I guess, the owners initials. Very graphic. I like to do series. When my eyes find one, of whatever, they always find more of the same.

😊  Pelle

More water

Seconds after looking at those wunderful waves, here is more water that I just discovered. Through another photographers lens and they look so different. But just as amazing. I think. See the slide show for more images.


The Japanese photographer Toshio Shibata is fascinated by water — in particular, the way it interacts with man-made structures. For the later half of his almost-40-year career in photography, he has explored this relationship in novel ways, hiding horizon lines and taking the perspective of the water itself with his camera, visually evoking its rushing sound.

Each of Shibata’s photographs depicts a different kind of human intervention in the natural movement of water, many of them the kind of mundane engineering projects we rarely think about. “To me,” Jacob Cartwright of Laurence Miller Gallery, which recently opened a show of Shibata’s work, said via email, “the essence of his work is taking ubiquitous yet frequently disregarded parts of our contemporary landscape and transforming them into something visually uncanny through formal invention.”

Worlds best, again

There is, probably, a worlds best in everything. Also in photographing waves. The photographs are amazing and in the film, he explains more. Things I never thought about in my little pond. It is all in the details. I will not argue about his talent and I love that he goes into the water. He is not on land with a long lens, he is really up close. Not afraid of getting wet. Any competition out there?

At first glance, these photographs look like looming mountains, standing guard over a dark universe found in a Tolkien novel. But look again: These images are actually the ocean’s waves, captured at their peak point of crash. It’s almost spooky how powerful they feel.

Photographer Ray Collins is the man behind these amazing images, which seem to capture the wave’s most crucial moment, just before it crashes and sinks back into the water. Collins bought his camera in 2007 with the hopes of shooting his surfer friends, but quickly found that he had a knack for photographing the water. His photos have been so successful, in fact, that they have been used in international campaigns for National Geographic, Patagonia, and Apple.



Philippe Halsman

The man who made Marilyn fly: Philippe Halsman’s stunt shots – in pictures



Marilyn Monroe in mid-air, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis goofing off, the Duke of Windsor in his socks, and Salvador Dalí nose to nose with a rhino – Halsman’s freaky frames defied gravity and convention

The top image is a true classic. Not made with a modern SLR capturing 10 images per sec. A true master of the trade!

See for yourselves!

😊 Pelle


Photographer of the year 2015?

No, it is not me. Would be nice to announce that, but no. I still love what i do.

Here are the most incredible images that agency photographers sent to our picture desk this year. Our picture desk in The Guardian, that is. The year has not ended yet, but it is very close and I don´t expect many surprises.



Ifansasti is an Indonesian photographer for Getty, and has stood out this year with his coverage of the volcanic eruptions, peat fires and the Rohingya refugee crisis in the region, in addition to his features. It is his image at the top.

Here is one of his feature images.


Mohammed Abed: The parkour acrobats is one of my favorite pictures, because those guys try to find the life through the death and through the destroyed houses



David Ramos: I am a fervent fan of new ways of visual storytelling.


These are my own small selection. Use the link to see more talented photographers and amazing photographs.

The overall winner will be announced on 21 December

😊  Pelle

It is not just about the race

Yesterday I went to a race again. I have missed a few, but that is good for me. To rest my eye. It is difficult to get variation, not always doing the same thing.

There are so many things around a race that gets my eye, and my attraction. The friendship among the jockeys is nice to see, before they saddle up for a tough race. And they also stretch, though you don´t see that so often.

It was a grey and windy day and there are less spectators now compared to summer. Of course. But there are always enthusiasts. Some of them are photographers…